Welcome to Lijiang

Lijiang is known for its snow-covered mountains, rapid-running rivers and old town Lijiang. The place is about 500 km northwest of Kunming. Since 26th of August, 2011, travelers have a comfortable and cheap way to get to beautiful Lijiang from Kunming. 

Practical Info

How long does it take?

 The trains take 8 to 10 hours from Kunming to Lijiang for the 517 km journey.

How much does it cost?

Train ticket is cheap

Hard Sleeper: CNY141.50 (USD21)

Soft Sleeper: CNY217 (USD32)

Where are Kunming Station and Lijiang Station?

Kunming Railway Station
Location: southern end of Beijing Road, Guandu District, Kunming City.
Bus Line: 236, 2, 83, 23, 47, 68

Lijiang Railway Station:
Location: Shangji Village, Nankou, Lijiang. 10km from the old town
Bus Line: 4, 16, 18

What does the train look like?

The trains running between Kunming and Lijiang are K trains. K (Kuai) means fast in Chinese language.
Soft Sleeper
Many travelers take overnight train from Kunming to Lijiang. Soft sleeper is the best class.
Hard Sleeper
Hard sleeper has less privacy without a lockable door, but it is a cheap option. The 9 hours sleep costs only USD21.



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