1. Booking Cut-off Time

Sales Outlet China Mainland Trains
online booking at website 3 days before train leaves

2. Advanced Booking Period

Trains in China mainland generally open for sale 30 days before. It might be shortened during peak season or railway schedule adjustment.

3. Price and Fees

  • The price is quoted in US dollars. The sleeper ticket is quoted based on the price of lower berth. In case the upper or middle berth,which is slightly cheaper, is assigned, the difference will not be refunded.
  • The service fee is charged for each ticket. The amount of service fee is shown during the booking. The service fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • The transaction fee is 3.5% of total amount. The transaction fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. The fee is subject to change according to the rate of payment company.
  • Passengers above 150 cm require an adult ticket
  • Passengers between 120 cm and 150 cm require a child ticket
  • A child under 120 cm and accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket may travel for free provided that the child does not occupy a seat/sleeper.

4. Ticket class

  • Deluxe soft sleeper: A compartment for two people only with indoor toilet
  • Soft sleeper: A compartment for four people
  • Hard sleeper: a compartment for six people without door
  • Business class: Luxury coach seat ticket for high speed trains
  • Premium class: Luxury coach seat ticket for high speed trains
  • 1st class: coach seat ticket for G, D, C and some T trains
  • 2nd class: coach seat tickets for G, D,C and some T trains
  • Soft seat : available on some non-high speed trains
  • Hard seat: normal seat ticket on non-high speed trains
  • standing ticket: ticket without seat assignment

5. Ticket Refund Rule

  • Passengers may request a refund for unused train tickets at least 24 hours before train departure. The unused paper tickets should arrive at our office or representative at least 24 hours before the train leaves. The refund request for un-redeemed e-ticket should be submitted online at Chinaticketonline.com
  • The service fee and transaction fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation initiated by passenger.
  • Ticket refund must be made within office hours. Late requests will not be handled. The scale of ticket refund is listed below:

Trains running within China mainland

Before Departure % of Refund of Ticket % of Refund of Service and Transaction Fee
less than 24 hours please return the tickets to train station 0%
24 hours - 2 days Contact us 65%- 0% 0%
3 - 20 days 70% 0%
21 days or more 85% 0%
peak season Chinese New Year peak month: 65% 0%

High speed trains from China mainland cities to Hong Kong (tickets issued in China mainland through China Railway)

Before Departure % of Refund of Ticket % of Refund of Service and Transaction Fee
less than 24 hours please return the tickets to train station 0%
24 hours - 2 days Contact us 40%- 0% 0%
3 - 14 days 60% 0%
15 days or more 85% 0%
peak season Chinese New Year peak month: 65% 0%


  • Refund policy when train service canceled by China Railway due to force majeure as earthquake, natural disaster, war and country policy,etc:
    Passenger who possesses the ticket can return the unused ticket at railway station's counter and get full refund for ticket. Passenger should notify ChinaTicketOnline to claim the refund and credit the money back to your account. The service and transaction fee is non-refundable.
  • Refund policy when train timetable adjusted by China Railway:
    -Before the insurance of ticket: Passenger can cancel the booking and get full refund including the ticket and service & transaction fee;
    -After the insurance of ticket: Passenger can cancel the booking and get full refund for the ticket,  service & transaction fee are non-refundable.
  • Ticket not issued because the passenger's passport/travel document scan are not provided in time:
    Ticket: 100% refundable, Service & Transaction fee: Non-refundable
  • Ticket not issued because of the passenger's violation of China Railway's real-name policy including but not limited to duplicate booking, conflictive booking due to overlapped time or short interval time between two trains, etc.
    Ticket: 100% refundable, Service & Transaction fee: Non-refundable

6. Ticket Alteration Rule

  • No alteration can be made to the destination.
  • Passenger's name and passport number cannot be modified after confirmation. 
  • Please send alteration request online at website or by email at least 48 hours in advance. Late request might not be accepted.
  • For late alteration, please contact our travel consultant first. Call us if it is urgent alteration request made less than 48 hours before the departure.
  • The paper ticket need to be sent back to our office for alteration.

7. Information for Passengers Using e-Ticketing

  • A confirmation number will be assigned to the e-ticket and the number needed to be presented together with the original passport at the counter when collecting ticket
  • Passengers are required to collect tickets in person at one of railway station in China mainland with the voucher and valid travel document.
  • The voucher will be sent by email as a PDF document
  • Please be at railway station at least 45 minutes before the departure time to exchange your tickets. 
  • Passenger name and passport numbers cannot be changed once the e-ticket is issued.

8. Paper Ticket Delivery

  • Hotel delivery in China mainland costs $5. Please specify your hotel name, address, telephone, check-in date and guest name and we will have the tickets sent to your hotel under the guest name.
  • Delivery to remote area in China mainland may cost extra.
  • Delivery to Hong Kong costs USD10 extra.
  • Please ask our travel consultant for international shipping cost.

9. Checking in

Generally check-in starts 15 to 30 minutes before the train leaves, please be at railway station at least 45 minutes in advance.

10. Luggage Allowance

  • Adult: 20 kg
  • Child: 10 kg
  • Diplomatic Personnel: 35 kg
  • Luggage Size (Length+Width+Height)<200 cm
  • Over-sized luggage can be checked in at railway station's luggage department. 

11. List of Prohibited Items

These items are strictly prohibited in trains, stations or anywhere else on railway premises.

Explosives explosives in any form, explosive devises, maroons, etc
Dangerous items any weapon, e.g. knives, guns, offensive weapons, etc
Compressed gases petroleum gas, coal gas, oxygen, hydrogen, etc
Flammable liquids alcohol, retinol, multi-purpose adhesives, thinners, petrol, glass cement, paint spray, hydrogen peroxide, diesel oils, etc
Flammable solids sulphur, aluminium powder, camphor, etc
Poisons arsenic trioxide, asphalt, emulsifier of all kinds, power pesticide, termite powder, pesticide spray etc
Corrosives nitric acid, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, etc

The range of prohibited items is extensive and is not limited to these items

China Railway has the absolute authority and at its sole discretion to refuse permission flammable/ toxic/ corrosive items whether or not they are listed above.

  • Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions before submitting the booking. If you make a reservation for others, you are responsible for informing the passengers every detail regarding the booking. Once reservation is completed, changes or cancellations are not allowed.
  • Booking is non-refundable and non-transferable. Review the booking to make sure the names, dates and other details are correct.
  • For some products, you may require to redeem the official tickets at a designated location. Please reserve enough time for ticket redemption. No-show is not a reason for refund.
  • Seats are randomly arranged by the computer. Changes or cancellations are not allowed after submitting the booking.
  • In case of typhoon or other severe weather conditions, product suppliers may cancel or re-schedule your trip. We will try our best to inform passengers of those changes. When the suppliers charge a cancel or change fee in accordance with their own policies, the cost will be passed on to you.