China Railway from Nanning to Hanoi

Book online at Chinaticketonline.comMaterials required for online booking: A copy of passport and Vietnamese visa (if visa is required to enter Vietnam)Price: US$63 for soft sleeper ticket, including tax and service chargeCollect the ticket at our office in Nanning or […]

72-hour Transit Visa-Free Policy

There are 51 countries whose citizens can apply for 72-hour visa free status. Travelers from these countries must hold valid international travel documents and air tickets to apply for 72-hour visa free status.If you are flying in to: Beijing, Shanghai, […]

Visitors from 40 countries can now apply for e-visas for Vietnam

A two-year pilot program effective from February 1 allows visitors from 40 countries to apply and receive Vietnamese visas via the Internet. Applications for Vietnam’s electronic visas (e-visas) can be submitted online via government domains (English) or (Vietnamese), […]

Do I need a visa to Mongolia?

 For updated list of visa free countries, please check the website of Mongolia Immigration Agency If you are from a country without Mongolian embassy or consulate, you can obtain a single entry visa at Chinggis Khaan International Airport provided you have […]

Who need a visa to Vietnam?

Holders of passports issued by the following countries and regions who possess an APEC Business Travel Card with ‘VNM’ code on the back can travel to Vietnam for up to 60 days without a visa.The countries and regions are Australia, […]

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