International Trains Departing from China


Trans-Mongolian train from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar and onward



Trans-Siberian train from Beijing, China to Irkutsk, Moscow in Russia



train from Beijing and Nanning, China to Hanoi, Vietnam



China-Laos Crossborder EMU Train from Kunming South to Vientiane

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China has international railway connections with Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos and Kazakstan so far. Moreover, the Chinese government is ambitious to include neighboring countries into its huge high speed rail networks in future. Due to the COVID 19, the international trains to Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, DPRK have been suspended. now provides hassle-free online booking service to buy international train tickets from China to Laos.

Train D887 from China to Laos

China-Laos Railway

How to buy train ticket online from China to Laos?

Do I need a visa to Mongolia?

Mongolia Visa

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Need a Visa to Vietnam?

visa vietnam

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Beijing Railway Station

Beijing Railway Station

The international trains from Beijing to Mongolia, Russia and North Korea all depart from Beijing Railway Station. 

Excessive Luggage

check-in excess luggage at Beijing Railway Station

Have big luggages? Traveling with a bike? How to check-in excessive luggage for international train travel at Beijing Railway Station?

E-Visa for Vietnam

e-visa for Vietnam

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