Where can I check-in my excess luggage for international train at Beijing Railway Station?

  • go to luggage department at Beijing Railway Station
  • the luggage department locates at the eastern part of the station

When can I check-in my excess luggage for international train?

  • Please check-in at the luggage department in morning after 9 AM, one day before your departure.
  • The luggage department does not work on Saturdays and Sundays. Please do the check-in on Friday morning if you take a train leaving on Monday.

What should I bring to checkin my luggages?

  • Your passport
  • Your ticket
  • Your luggages

What is excess luggage?

  • Excess luggage=any luggage in excess of 35 kg
  • free luggage allowance is 35 kg per person

How much is it to check-in excess luggage?

Excess luggage charge

  • to Ulaanbaatar : 7.5 RMB per kg.
  • to Moscow: 16.8 RMB per kg

The price is subject to exchange rate fluctuation.

How to take a bicycle to the international train?

  • When checking-in a bicycle as excess luggage, your bicycle must not be packaged or locked.
  • For a bicycle is calculated by 20 kg

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