Train T8701 from Nanning to Hanoi now has been suspended.

The international train T8701 from Naning to Hanoi has been suspended since the outbreak of COVID 19.

How to buy train ticket online from Nanning to Hanoi?

  • Book online at
  • Materials required for online booking: A copy of passport and Vietnamese visa (if visa is required to enter Vietnam)
  • Price: US$63 for soft sleeper ticket, including tax and service charge
  • Collect the ticket at our office in Nanning or receive at hotel in China

Depart time/Arrival time Station Name
All the time in the table is local time. Timetable updated in December, 2017

--:--/18:05 Nanning 南宁
19:01/19:04 Fusui 扶绥
20:11/20:17 Chongzuo 崇左
21:09/21:22 Ningming 宁明
22:10/23:41 Pingxiang 凭祥
23:22/01:55 Dong Dang
04:33/04:36 Bac Giang
05:30/--:-- Gia Lam, Hanoi

Which railway station does the train leave from Nanning, China?

  • Train T8701 leaves from Nanning Railway Station 南宁火车站
  • Address: 82 Zhonghua Road, Xingning District, Nanning, Guangxi, China 南宁市兴宁区中华路82号
  • Nanning railway station/Coordinates
    22.8273° N, 108.3150° E

Which railway station does the train arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam?

  • Train MR2 arrives at Gia Lâm Railway Station in Hanoi. Gia Lâm in Chinese is 嘉林(Jialin). The train station is 6KM from the city center.
  • Address: Gia Thụy, Long Biên, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Gia Lâm railway station/Coordinates
    21.0520° N, 105.8808° E

Vietnamese visa

  • If you need a visa to enter Vietnam, you need present a copy of your visa to buy the ticket.
  • You cannot use Vietnamese e-visa to enter Vietnam by train.
  • Visa on arrival is not applicable to railway station
  • can arrange Vietnamese tourist visa at reasonable price. You can collect your train tickets and visa together.

How can I receive my ticket?

We offer two options

  • collect at our office in Nanning which is 5 minutes by walk from Nanning Railway Station
  • deliver to your hotel in China. US$5 delivery fee required.