A. Travel by train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Taking a through train is the most comfortable and popular way to travel from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. Just relaxing on the train, the easy and comfortable ride is 2 hours only. The train leaves from Hung Hom railway station in Kowloon and arrives at Guangzhou East station. 

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  • It is advised to be at the railway station 45 minutes before.
  • Immigration: When you leave Hung Hom railway station, they will check your immigration paper work to exit Hong Kong. After arriving in Guangzhou, you need to present your Chinese visa at immigration. Please make sure you have the immigration paper works ready.

B. Travel by bus from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

No matter where you are in Hong Kong, for example Hong Kong island, Kowloon or New Territories, you can take a bus to Guangzhou. The bus arrives at Jinan University, Landmark Hotel, Dongfang Hotel, China Hotel, The Garden Hotel,  Marriott Hotel Tianhe, etc. You need to check which bus terminal is close to where you stay in Guangzhou. The whole trip by bus take around 3.5 to 4 hours depending on how fast you get through the border. The bus will take you to one of  the check points, such as Shenzhen Bay Port, Huanggang Port, first. Once at the border, your have to disembark the bus with your luggage and go through immigration on foot. It takes half to one hour to cross the border into mainland China. There is another bus from the same company waiting at the mainland side. After getting back to the bus, it takes another one and half hours to get to Guangzhou.

C. Travel by ferry from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

The ferry to Guangzhou leaves from China Ferry Terminal at China Hong Kong City Tower in Kowloon. There are two ferry terminals in Guangzhou, Lianhuashan and Nansha. The trip is around 100 minutes. After getting off the boat, you need another hour to take bus or taxi to the city center of Guangzhou.

D. Travel by flight from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Believe it or not, there are flights from Hong Kong to Guangzhou even they are so close. The flight operated by Dragon Air and Cathy Pacific Airways takes one hour only, but the price is quite expensive like US$180 for one way only. 

What is the best way to travel from Hong Kong to Guangzhou?

Overall, we would recommend taking train as it is quicker and comfortable. In comparison, the bus is a bit cheaper but it takes longer because you have to get off the bus to cross the border and get back to bus to continue the journey after going through immigration. Taking a ferry is a bit more expensive than train, and it costs more money to take bus or taxi to the city center of Guangzhou. Flying is the last thing we suggest if it is not necessary to you.